Yang Dong

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Yang Dong







1996 -      Professional sculptor in Shanghai,


Member of National Art Association

Member of National Urban Cities Sculpture Guiding Association

Member of Spanish Painters and Sculptors

Member of America Portrait Association

Member of America Sculpture Association



1987–1992 Educated in Central Academy of Art in Beijing

1983 - 1986 Educated in Tianjin Fine Art College in Tianjin

1980 - 1983 Graduated from No. 61 Middle High School



Dong Yang was influenced by Western sculptures displayed at parents‘ house at very young age, he loved the sculpture ever since, was inspired and started the journey of the art of sculpture as life-long passion.



1997        Finalist of Shanghai Sculpture Exhibition for Artwork of “HENG” “Fighting” and “Transcend”

1997        Finalist of Shanghai Sport Art Exhibition for “Unchained” and awarded for “Outstanding Work for Public Sculpture”

1998       Finalist of Shanghai Sports Art Exhibition for “Unchained” and collected by the International Olympic Committee

2001        “The Clock” won the “Outstanding Sculpture” award for National Olympics Sports Sculpture Exhibition

2001       Finalist for the Shanghai Art Exhibition of the art work “No Title”

2002       Five different sizes of “The Beautiful Lion” Sculpture were made and awarded by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank nationwide

2003       Art work “The Folks” won the design award and taking the hottest spot in Shanghai the busiest Pedestrian walk at Shanghai Nanjing East Road

2004        “Twelve white Horses” Designed and awarded by Shanghai Urbanization planning committee, located in Shanghai Yan An West Road and Yili Road

2005       “Shoulder inward” awarded by Shanghai Sports Authority at Art Exhibition

2005        The Sixth National Sports Exposition “De Lu” won the outstanding prize

2006        The Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exposition “The Gap”

2007       The First Shanghai International Steel Sculpture Exhibition “Drink”

2007        The World Expo of the Urban Shanghai theme “The Outline”

2008        The Longines International Equestrianism Sculpture “The Jump” was created and selected as trophy design for the championship

2001-12 The Public Art Sculptures created and located in various places nationwide, i.e. in Guangdong, Gansu, Hubei, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Shanghai, collected by hotels (J.W Marriot, Hilton, Starwood etc.) companies, banks, cities´╝îindividuals such as directors and celebrities

2010        Finalist for The Sixth Shanghai Art Exposition, International Sculpture Exposition in Shanghai from All over the world “White Horse”

2017        Beijing Art Fair and received the comments from pubic of appreciation

2018        Individual Art Work exhibition in Hangzhou Art Fair and received best comments from public

2018       Shanghai Art Fair – Individual art work exhibition

2018        “Taking Flight”, “Neapolitan”, “Be Ready”, three artworks were selected as finalist Sculpture works for Salmagundi Club, “Taking Flight” won the outstanding Sculpture award of Salmagundi Annual Art Exhibition

2018       “Fearless” selected as finalist sculpture works for the 105th Allied America Annual Exhibition

2019        “Warrior”, “Dale” as finalist artwork of 14th ARC International Salon Prize Exhibition

2019        “Timeless” and “Drink” two artworks have been selected as finalist of Royal British Birmingham Art Prize

2019        “Rhythmic Poetry”, “Moonlight” have been selected as finalist sculptures for America Art Prize as Rank 3 and 4

2019        “Mozart” has been selected as finalist of the 91th America Professional Artist League in New York

2019        “Bull” has been selected as the finalist of Spain Painters and Sculptors Salon De Otono

2020        “Bull”, “Fearless” have been selected as finalist of The 303rd Annual Exhibition of Royal British of Artist

2020        “Mountain and Water” has been selected as Finalist of the 55 Reina Sofia Prize and Painting and Sculpture


How I started my career of being a professional sculptor

When I was very young, I have seen a lot of animal sculptures in my grandparents' house. Those were the European sculptures and bought by my grandfather from various places.  They were so vivid and beautiful that I could gaze at them all day long.

 However, during the culture revolution, those sculptures suddenly disappeared overnight, I became so angry when I saw the empty tables, but nobody could explain to me why. As a little boy, neither could I figure out what had happened. Angry and lonely, a young boy, my father gave me the first piece of plasticine and from that moment, nobody ever realized it became the first love of my life - making sculptures.

 A piece of plasticine was so precious and rare at the time, I used those with the greatest care, in return it brought me so much fun that I never had before. It was like a secret conversation between plasticine and my fingers. By just observing the bulls, dogs, birds and horses and then trying to figuring out how to make it with the plasticine, it challenged a young boy's eyes, heart and brain all the time.

 It took me to observe every single detail. I still remembered that in order to observe a real horse, I sat the horse cart from noon till night quietly until the farmer noticed a little boy sat behind him just wanting to observe a real horse. 


Point of view as an artist:

Art is Science that qualifies emotions subjectively and refines and balances them and reflect in artist point of view. 

As an artist, I have tried to use the simplest language with logic and clarity to express the ideology of decency, elegance of the behavior, inner peace and determination of the mind and soul, even though the external world is at chaos and out of control most of the time. The memory of joy and inner peace of making sculptures during my early childhood made me want to share with my audience so earnestly. 

With the western sculpture skills and techniques, the Eastern ideology of Laozi inspired me all the time, together with strokes of Chinese painting. The eastern stand of mind and soul with the western logic become the me of today.


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