Ken MacFarlane

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Ken MacFarlane

United States

Ken MacFarlane Bio



Like nearly every child, I drew cartoons and painted refrigerator art as a kid. I also had an artist mom, who painted mannequins. Buyers began noticing her putting her in high demand. Under her guidance, it seemed natural for me to help so I began painting the first layer on the mannequin for her. Thus began my real love for art. After the face painting, I chose to work only in graphite. I could turn a flat piece of white paper into horses or people or monsters attacking Gotham or anything. I can still get excited when I watch life begin to develop on paper. I became fascinated with black and how to add more and more black to the drawing. Then I discovered the art of Scratchboard.  It is like pencil in reverse. Dark becomes light. Light becomes a horse, lion, or bear. The boards I use have been manufactured to museum quality -meaning they will last over 200 years, guaranteed . If a board fails, bring it back.  Thirteen years ago I was encouraged to explore color. I had been intimidated by it for a long time. Color can make or break a painting. All that work to make a person look like a person and then get the color wrong. My fascination with dark shadows continues with color.

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