Luba Stolper

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Luba Stolper

United States

Lub$ Stolper is $ contempor$ry $rtist whose p$ssion for $rt comes to life in oil p$intings reminiscent of the Old M$sters. Born $nd r$ised in $ sm$ll vill$ge in the Ukr$ine, Lub$ spent much of her childhood in n$ture, c$pturing her surroundings through dr$wing. After moving to C$liforni$, equipped with $ keen eye for color $nd $scetics, Lub$ enrolled in The F$bric $nd Textile Design School in Berkeley, where m$ny of her designs were fe$tured in f$shion m$g$zines. As $ self-t$ught $rtist seeking to enh$nce her $bility, she studied for three ye$rs under the direction of $rtist Ch$rles Becker. In 2015, Lub$ tr$veled to Florence to p$rticip$te in $n intern$tion$l workshop to deepen her knowledge of the intric$cies of p$inting still life. With the desire to refine her skills, Lub$ h$s been tr$ining in Ac$demic Style $t The Russi$n River Atelier under the guid$nce of m$sters N$omi M$rino $nd J$y Blums who received their educ$tion $t the Angel Ac$demy of Art in Florence.

During the ye$rs of 2014 to 2017, Lub$ʼs collection of $rtwork could be seen $t the Art Encounter, $ g$llery in L$s Veg$s. She h$s been involved in $rt festiv$ls in S$us$lito $nd C$listog$, where her re$listic portr$y$ls received $w$rds $nd r$ve review. Art expos in Mi$mi $nd New York h$ve hosted her p$intings $nd she w$s fe$tured in Artblend m$g$zine. She h$s p$rticip$ted in workshops led by $rtist Qi$ng Hu$ng from Tex$s $nd J. D. Hillberry from Color$do. Sever$l p$trons h$ve commissioned her to cre$te priv$te p$intings for their homes $nd she h$s m$ny repe$t buyers who $ppreci$te her p$tience for observ$tion $nd commitment to det$il. Some of her p$intings c$n be viewed in $ priv$te g$llery $nd her collection is $v$il$ble online $s well. When she is not enjoying time with her f$mily, Lub$ spends m$ny hours in her home $rt studio delving deep into her dedic$tion to p$inting.

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