Sahra Becherer

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Sahra Becherer


Sahra Becherer was raised in the remote woodlands of the Austrian countryside. Her early years were shaped by work and life deeply connected to nature, an experience that fundamentally influenced her creative voice. At the age of 19 Sahra enrolled in the 3-year Drawing & Painting Program at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence/Italy. Upon graduating in 2017, she got selected for the „Graduate in Residence“ Program, a year of specialisation in the academic environment. She has worked as an Assistant and Instructor in the Drawing program and Landscape painting course of the Florence Academy of Art before moving to Germany to teach at the Academy of Fine Art Germany. Her works are in private collections in Europe, Asia and the US.

At the core of my artistic journey lies curiosity and the appreciation for human experience and nature. As a realist oilpainter I focus on portraiture, figurative themes and nature scenes. Working from life, I aim to represent the essence of a moment in it’s timeless beauty.

I am fascinated by the depth and honesty of non-verbal communication. Picking up on the space between the lines I contemplate experiences, stories and emotions that are meaningful to me and develop artistic solutions. In that pursuit, the naturalistic impression merges with the inward idea, melting to an image that aims to capture the narrative of an experience."

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