Alexander Rosado

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Alexander Rosado

Puerto Rico

Currently working nude realist figurative compositions that embody a sense of drama of the quotidian and at times issues of universal relevance. Although having worked in various styles thoughout my artistic carreer, including expressionist work where the brushstrokes and lines seemingly created chaotic patterns, irregular forms, (and on occasion oscillated between schemes of rhythmic, organic, and tangled colors) they organized and transformed into figurative pieces that emanated movement, mystery, life, structure, texture, and contrast.

My fascination with the human figure and especially facial features began quite a few decades back. Certain unusual events occurred during my childhood, bouts of intense surreal sensations would emerge during the night as I fluctuated between sleep, fever, delirium, and reality. These episodes created extraordinary monochromatic and deformed faces on my bedroom walls that alternated in size and intensity from gigantic and dramatic to tiny and grotesque.

These countenances would appear to communicate with me in incomprehensible languages - at times sounding as huge shouts resounding in my small ears and on others as barely audible clenched teeth whispers.

The result of these illusory world encounters would often be an acute and altered state of consciousness where parts of my body would feel completely malleable and full of the swaying contrasts as a pendulum on a boat in high seas.

My love for painting, drawing and art also began as a child, demonstrating at an early age great visual observation skills and an inclinination towards drawing. My initial favorites during these times were obviously comic book super heroes and professional wrestling champions, especially masked ones.

Currently living, working, and playing from the heart of the Caribbean, on the boundaries between the hilly farming town of Moca and the fishing coasts of Aguadilla in the beautiful northwest of Puerto Rico.

Born in Rincon, P.R. on August 1960 and obtaining a BSEE from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus in 1985. Worked professionally as an EE for various years in different corporations in California and Puerto Rico. Although having literally taken only a few workshops in painting, has studied and continues without interruption the great masters throughout time.

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