Adam Matano

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Adam Matano

United States

Adam Matano is a contemporary representational artist specializing in sculpture.  His work is an organically evolving process combining a visceral reaction to life, his interest and admiration  for the natural world and our relationship with it. The exploration of these ideas allows for psychologically  dense, rhythmic artwork.

Adam’s interest and involvement with nature and the arts began at a young age.   Early in his career, he  nurtured his musical interests, which now play an integral part in his overall aesthetic, its principles echoing  in his sculptures.  Most of Adam's subjects are real life models that he has spent time with, through observation or interaction.

 Adam attained his BFA in Sculpture at the Lyme Academy College Of Fine Arts in Connecticut, in 2010.   Currently, Adam works and lives in Los Angeles, exhibiting his  sculptures and teaching.

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