Patsy Lindamood

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Patsy Lindamood

United States

A late starter as an artist, Patsy Lindamood sought out nationally and internationally recognized pastelists and wildlife artists with whom to do workshops as a means to rapidly enhance her mastery of painting techniques and to enrich her understanding of what constitutes compelling art.  While she has taken away incredible insight and exciting approaches to viewing the world of nature and of art from her experiences with each of one of her “artist heroes,” Patsy has emerged with a style uniquely her own, marked by strong, colorful, yet infinitely detailed compositions in a boldly representational style.


Patsy’s subject matter derives largely from the animal world, although she has also executed a number of figurative and portrait pieces, including award-winning works. Patsy’s artistic reputation, however, is well-established as a wildlife artist.  Her wildlife work is based on her personal research and observation of creatures in their environments, in the wild whenever possible.  Long hikes through wildlife refuges and extensive camping trips to state and national parks have provided great adventure and abundant inspiration.  For Patsy, the pursuit of the reference material for her art continues to provide as much joy and excitement as the act of painting her wildlife subjects.  Magic occurs when an especially momentous field experience results in a compelling wildlife work of art. 


Drawn to strong colors, strong textural elements, and strong negative shapes, Patsy generally paints her wildlife in simplified compositions that allow her to focus on these elements.  In the field, doing her reference photography, Patsy seeks out these compositional elements.


In recent years, Patsy’s attraction to lines, shapes, rhythmical patterns, and complex patterns has drawn her to  paint architectural scapes and work boats.  Happily, her travels in pursuit of wildlife material have provided her ample opportunities to capture many unique examples of missions, historic buildings, and abandoned structures – some of her current favorite subjects.  And, the Rockport-Port Aransas-Corpus Christi area of Texas which is her favorite haunt for shore birds  is filled with small arenas packed with work boats.


Patsy resides and paints on her property in Huntsville, Texas, her base of operations since early 2012. Over the last decade, her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous juried exhibitions, including wildlife exhibitions, pastel exhibitions, and other open exhibitions, as well as several solo exhibitions around the State of Texas.  Patsy has received numerous regional, national and international awards for her art, and is a signature member of more than half a dozen professional art associations.  She is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, The International Guild of Realism, the Pastel Society of America, and has been conferred the designation of Master Pastelist by the International Society of Pastel Associations. 

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