Glenda Gleave

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Glenda Gleave

United States

After raising six children, Glenda Gleave seized the opportunity to realign her priorities to include the pursuit  of a passion for art which she had felt from childhood. She soon found herself immersed in concentrated training from some of the greatest figurative and portrait artists of this era. The training and encouragement she received helped her discover the special gift she has for creating masterful portraits and beautiful works of fine art. Like those who helped train her, she has truly become one of the ‘Living Masters’ of her day.

Her college days as a science major, required hours be  spent in the anatomy lab and has proven to be one of her best career investments as a figurative artist. She also has an advanced musical background where she played professionally with a string quartet.  Her engaging personality has made it easy for her clients to convey their desires  for both commissioned portraits and other works of fine art. Her life experience as a mother are quickly recognized when she works with families and small children.

Her ongoing study of the ‘Great Masters’ has given her valuable insights into the history of art and an unwavering commitment to demonstrating  in her own work the skills and methods that will stand up to critical  opinion and be timeless in beauty and composition. 


In continual pursuit of excellence, she draws and paints from life regularly.  And strives continually to bring light and life to her paintings. As an award-winning artist, she works exclusively in oil, conte & charcoal  with the finest archival materials so that her finished works will endure time. She lives a very active life-style in the beautiful mountains of Utah and has a full life in the company of her husband, six adult children and eight grand children.

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