Camille Engel

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Camille Engel

United States

Camille Engel oil paintings extol the splendor she sees in everyday objects. Revealing a life captivated by detail, Engel’s intricate works focus attention on the rich colors & textures found in her subjects.

An acute observer of detail, Engel is amazed & fascinated with light play, color & texture, & seeks to capture the richness of life. Each painting invites viewers to momentarily step into her world & share in her joy of the simple things, & experience the transcendent beauty all around us.

Along with a dedication to creating rich visual intricacies, Engel revels in painstaking details. Her expertise is in the creating of intrinsic texture, depth & color that evoke emotion & captivate the viewer.

What inspires Engel most is not a singular cultural message, nor even the master painters she admires, but rather her core beliefs. “For me,” Engel explains, “every morning is a fresh opportunity to find extraordinary joy in the most ordinary things. My art overflows out of that joy."

Named one of America’s “Artists to Watch” by Southwest Art magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, oil painter, Camille Engel, is internationally acclaimed, published, and awarded.  

Known for her rich lighting, colors, textures, and intricate detail, Engel works in the “indirect layering” technique of the Dutch Masters to create her art. Demonstrating remarkable passion and skill, her oil paintings exhibit among some of the world’s top artists into prestigious museum tours and art exhibitions.

You’ll find her paintings in national and international magazines such as: Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Southwest Art, The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist and International Artist.

Accepting both small and large-scale commissions, Engel works with the highest quality oil pigments on archival support with the goal of her paintings lasting through time. Please discuss any questions with the representing gallery in your area, or directly with the artist:  615-289-2264 or

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