Richard Luschek

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Richard Luschek

United States

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Fine Arts, Richard Luschek was fortunate enough to study at the Paul Ingbretson Studio of Drawing and Painting located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Mr. Ingbretson, a modern master of the Boston School tradition, was a student of the late R. H. Ives Gammell. With a legacy passing through the Boston School to French Academic Painting, this rigorous training imparts a foundation of time-honored techniques that blend solid academic drawing with beautifully seen impressionistic color. Emphasis is placed on accurate drawing with sensitivity to form and   edges, brilliant light effects, vibrant color, and overall unity.

Richard’s primary focus has been still life painting, as it is “the best way to continue to explore and learn the lifelong pursuit of the technical aspects of painting and the serious study of nature.” Fascinated with creating atmospheric scenes through thoughtful paint handling, Richard feels that his still life objects must work together first in design and color harmonies creating powerful images with pleasing abstractions. As a story teller he likes to create scenes with mood and feeling often using multiple panels to create a relationship not just with the viewer but between the panels. His current series deals with children at play or in the act of creation. 

Mr. Luschek has taught for the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati, as well as privately in his studio. He has worked as a scenic artist at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and was also trained as a cabinetmaker, a skill he often uses to construct his own frames. Mr. Luschek’s pen and ink illustrations have appeared in numerous publications. One of his portraits is in the permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum and in private collections on the East Coast and in Cincinnati.   A Signature Member of the Cincinnati Art Club and one of the select artists in the Greenacres Artist Guild, Richard Luschek is available for commissions and offers private instruction to those interested in serious classical training in both drawing and painting. His work can be seen on his website 

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