Astrid Ritmeester

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Astrid Ritmeester


Astrid Ritmeester ( The Netherlands, 1964) is a realistic painter. Her passion is to paint portraits and still lifes. Her source of inspiration is light. Not only the way the Old Masters used to capture daylight in oils fascinates and challenges her, but also the colourful and exuberant transparency of theatre light. In her paintings she is always striving to depict harmony and emotion.


Astrid studied at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. After her study she also worked as a designer for theatre costumes but for the last decade her focus lies on painting. To refine her technique she attended workshops given by David Gray, Jeremy Lipking and Cesar Santos. Astrid took part of several solo and group exhibitions in Dutch museums and galleries and overseas in Zhou B Art Center and 33 Contemporary in Chicago ( USA). Her work was featured at PA online exclusives on Artsy via Zhou B Art Center, she also has been published several times in Poets and Artists Magazine. Her paintings have several times been finalist at the Members Only Competition and International Competition of the American Portrait Society and ARC Salon. She has been commissioned portraits for theatre and private collections. Astrid lives and works in Bussum, The Netherlands.


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