Antonio Alcoseba

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Antonio Alcoseba


               TONY ALCOSEBA

 Born on November 29, 1949

Antonio " Tony" Alcoseba is one of the few local watercolorists whose works embody a purist adherence to the tenets of the impressionistic school, the French art movement of the middle and late 19th century. 

Born in Cebu City, Tony is a full-time painter, He studied Architecture in Cebu Institute of Technology for 3 years until 1978, and then pursued Fine Arts at U.P.Cebu in 1980. He is based, along with his brother, Vidal "Ondo" Alcoseba,who is also an artist, in Guadalupe Village, Punta Princesa , Cebu City. 

Each of his works exudes a singularity of atmosphere that is most difficult to achieve in the aquarelle medium: bold streaks of overlapping pigment, leaving tiny spaces that strongly refract available light. The excellence of this technique can only be handled by a master of effortless dexterity in managing tonal values, thus unequivocally qualifying the inherent luminosity of aquarelle in every oeuvre.

Antonio Alcoseba has won two awards in the Art Association of the Philippines' Annual Art Contest. He got his inspiration to paint from the late Martino Abellana, as well as from Jose "Kimsoy " Yap,Jr. He received the top prize at the Costa Mesa Art Painting Contest in California, U.S.A

He was also a winner and one of the Top 5 Filipino watercolorist in the well-known " kulay sa Tubig " Art Exhibition - a prestigious Annual Invitational Watercolor Competition Exhibition sponsored by Gallery Genesis.





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