Han Mo

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Han Mo


Mo Han paints with cool colors, more modern than warm colors that are a favorable choice for most of the contemporary oil painters. He pursues mystery and aestheticism to his art. Paintings such as Twilight and Wheat, which show two young ladies dressed in flowing red, immersing in the natural world, present a particular beauty never subjugated by the secular world and far from the primitiveness.


In 2010, Mo Han created a series of works known as Amanda’s Puddle, featuring a simple and innocent girl in a mysterious and dreamlike aura, forging a pure and exquisite visual effect. It brings into sight the difference between traditional aestheticism and modern one in image features.


Girls in Mo Han’s paintings are quiet; they reveal emotion with body, costumes and eyes, reflecting clear and pure expression of emotion.



1992 Attended courses of advanced study in Central Academy of Arts & Crafts

1993 Attended oil painting class for advanced studies of postgraduate curricula in China Artists Association

2007 Had his painting Early Summer selected into Shainghai Youth Oil Painting Exhibition 2007, China

2007 Won the gold medal in National Youth Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition by A Hooded Girl, and interviewed by CCTV 1, the primary channel of the Chinese television network.

2008 Studied classical European realistic painting in Liu Yi’s Studio, an outstanding Chinese painter

2009 Invited to attend, with Twilight, “E Jinghua” Oil Painting Exhibition, a classical gallery in Beijing

2010 Won Award of Excellence by 29th Aug.,1945: Chongqing, the Fog City and Amanda’s Puddle in “Times Cup” National Youth Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition

Mar. 2011 Attended “Charming Beijing” Youth Realistic Oil Painter Inviting Exhibition in Manet

May 2011 Attended “Art Zhengzhou” National Youth Realistic Oil Painter Inviting Exhibition

2011 Attended Third “Power of Focus” Youth Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition

23th July, 2011 Attended Fifth Chengdu Biennale: Realism One More, Easel Painting

14th Apr., 2012 Attended New Realism Oil Painting Exhibition 2012 in National Art Museum of China

28th May, 2012 Attended First Contemporary Youth Oil Painter Group Exhibition by  HYPERLINK "http://www.artxun.com" www.artxun.com (Beijing)



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