Pedro Garcia

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Pedro Garcia

United States

Bergen, New Jersey, USA.

Graduated in 1991 in the National Art School “San Alejandro”, Havana city, Cuba. I started working as Muralist Painter in a Publicity Company in Havana city.
Several solo and collective exhibitions, winning different level prizes during the 90’s, being the most important “Arte Joven 4th Bienal de la Habana ( Youth Art Bienal of Havana)”. Other several collective exhibitions in Latin America (Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico).
From 2000 living in Belgium, I continued working in Interior Decoration projects and Mural Paintings, also doing studies of Fine Art restoration (specializing in paper art works) in Brussels.
In 2005, in USA, I was employed by the Company Cast Classics, sketching and restoration of furniture.
2010: Collective exhibition “ A Maze of Milieu” in Agora Gallery, NYC, NY.

2019- 14th Annual ARC International Salon Competition: Honorable Mention category "Animal". 

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