Stephen Perkins

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Stephen Perkins

United States

Stephen Perkins grew up in the Diplomatic Service, living on the Meditteranean. His art reflects that old world classicism. His family is deeply rooted in the American South.

In terms of the style of his work, that has been affected by the works of Ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance and the classical spirit expressed in all cultures throughout the world. His teachers have had a profound affect as well. For those who know the names of Walker Hancock, Henry Hensche, Leslie Posey, Deane Keller, they were great artists who also taught much of their lives and the work that is done is based on their understandings.

Stephens work exemplifies the timeless human themes and todays unique zeitgiest. Technical excellence is always of the highest consideration. In addition to commissions and gallery work, Stephen has always taught. Those schools include the New York Academy of Art, Janus Collaborative, The Academy of Art University and Studio Incamminati. He also teaches workshops internationally. Stephen maintains a studio on the east coast of Florida.

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