Shannon Fannin

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Shannon Fannin

United States

Born 1969 in California, artist Shannon “Shan” Fannin brings vehicles to life with a combination of  photorealism and abstraction. Painting in a unique style using acrylics, hands, and brushes, allows her to focus on the vehicle while giving a hint of the abstract surroundings.  Fannin travels internationally to photograph vehicles and talk with their owners to enhance her creative process. 

Fannin’s vibrant paintings have shown in 2 solo exhibitions and national galleries throughout the United States. She has been published in Greek, British, and American publications including PoetsArtists, Fine Art America, and American Art Collector. She was on the international shortlist for the 2017 Artslant Georgia Fee Paris Residency. 

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