Mike D Wodnick

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Mike D Wodnick

United States

Born 1955 and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I've had a life-long interest in the arts. From grade school through high school taking any creative class offered.I work in sculpture before focusing on painting. A year at the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis left me wanting for better instruction. This I found at Atelier Lack. I studied with Richard Lack and Steve gjertson for four years. There I learned the craft of painting and honed my aesthetics.

For the last thirty years I've also been doing fine art restoration and conservation. I've worked on thousands of pieces of art in all styles. This means analyzing the artists methods and intent when they produced the work.This has been a great learning experience, being exposed to a wide variety of techniques adapting and using them in my own work.

In my work I value composition and the underling abstract shapes. I strive to lead the viewer through the image to the to the center of interest or idea. I adhere to the adage:'less is more' and try not to clutter the picture with things that are not necessary to the central theme. I often  choose to leave out or lose detail in favor of the 'Big Look'. That is what I am after. My subjects range from landscapes, still-life, interiors, portraits, animals, etc.

My work has been published in several magazines... American Art Collector,  PleinAir,  Southwest Art and Fine art Connoisseur.

Member: Oil Painters of America,  Member: American Impressionist Society

Oil Painters of America 2020 Salon Show a Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils.                       Finalist ARC 14th International Salon                                                                                   Finalist ARC 13th International Salon, painting 'Winter Snag' was chosen for the International Traveling Exhibition                                                                                                            58th Springville Museum of Art Annual Salon... Gold Medal, Silver Medal                                57th Springville Museum of Art Annual Salon... Gold Medal                                                                                                              

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