Carolien van Olphen

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Carolien van Olphen


Carolien van Olphen is a Dutch painter.

Carolien is a realistic portrait painter, a technical skilled artist. She likes to dress-up her models in bright patterned dresses, silk ropes, fur coats etc. She enjoys the challenge of painting these fabrics as lively as possible.

Her paintings are dynamic and vivid but soft and demure at the same time.  Her bold use of colour is balanced by a tranquil atmosphere of the models. So it will never overwhelm you, but triggers you to linger on her work a long time. Wondering about the thoughts of the models making up your own stories.

She received her education at the Classical Art Academy in Groningen. Always trying to improve her skills while staying true to herself. A classical trained painter with a modern look. Creating her own colourful world!

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