Pablo García

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Pablo García


The Basque artist Pablo García is a traditional sculptor from Bilbao, Spain. His passionate observation of human anatomy is, in fact, an attempt to understand the expressive potential of every inch of our beautiful design. The realistic representation of the anatomy and pose acts as the language in which his work speaks to the observer. Having studied the creations of the masters of the past as well as the contemporary ones, he employs a classical approach to represent themes that are relevant in present days. He has a profound and sincere commitment with the ideas living inside each of his works.

Pablo was born in 1985 and enjoyed pencil sketching from early childhood. He discovered sculpture in his teens and by the age of twenty he devoted completely to the art of modeling, so he dedicated his time to learning the techniques of the craft from every source available. Since then, he has been working in small scales so he has become comfortable in capturing fine miniaturized detail. Over the years, Pablo has complemented his knowledge of human anatomy with extended research into animal anatomy and anatomical paleoanthropology. He is an experienced creature designer and so has collaborated with several FX studios. He feels at ease producing life sized sculptures, therefore he has worked in a few complex altarpieces for local religious centers. Since 2014, Pablo is also a sculpture teacher who has been dedicated to helping dozens of pupils learn to enjoy the process of modeling in clay materials.













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