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Chan Peng Lo


Born in Chiayi in 1983, Lo Chan-Peng graduated from the Chinese Culture University and National Taiwan Normal University with a MFA in Western Painting. A regular prize winner from a tender age, Lo has been awarded the Union Culture & Art Foundation Young Artist Award, the Chi-Mei Cultivation Award and the Kaohsiung Award. His ‘Strawberry Generation’ series lays the foundation for his famed meticulous portrait painting style, and his later ‘Ashen Face’ paintings brought him international acclaim. Lo has been working as artist in resident in worldwide institutions such as ESMoA in Los An- geles (2013) and in Berlin (2011). His recent exhibitions include <Misty – Lo Chan-Peng> (Taipei, 2017), <Let’s Talk History – the Trilogy of Art Gallery Industry in Taiwan> (Taipei, 2017), <Situation of Existence - Contemporary Realistic Art in East Asia> (Nantou, 2016).

Lo Chan-Peng’s signature realistic and detail ori- entated brushworks are kept in the recent ‘Misty’ canvases. The painstakingly painted facial expres- sions inspire the audience to reflect on the purest images of human forms and the sitters of the por- traits mirror the contemporary society that is familiar to the viewers. The series can be seen as a catalogue of men, and the pictures inspire one to gaze beyond the surface, explore one’s religious sustenance and the human nature.


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