Regina Davis

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Regina Davis

United States

Regina Davis was born in Mexico City, largely self taught she has devoted her life to art and has developed her skills by attending workshops at the Art League of Alexandria, The Art League of New York, The Grand Street Atelier along with apprenticeships with renowned artists. Her body of work clearly denotes her self discovery through art. From an early age the beauty and mystery of human nature has fascinated her. Regina Davis filters her emotional experiences through artwork that focuses mainly on the feminine psyche. In her latest collection she presents how femininity copes with reality, she converses with themes of eternal bliss (or perhaps the illusion thereof) versus the thorny injuries wrought by time and experience. She merges realism, fantasy, and psychological depth in her intricate and delicate compositions.

Regina Davis paintings have been exhibited in Museums in Mexico City as well as various Art Galleries in Mexico and in the US. 

She currently lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas

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