Mercedes Larraechea

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Mercedes Larraechea


Mercedes Larraechea, 45

Montevideo, Uruguay

Born and raised in a traditional Uruguayan ranch, I developed the love for depicting our old "gaucho" culture and lifestyle under a contemporary light. I enjoy painting people embedded in the rural atmosphere and aim at bringing to life the folkloric history of my motherland.

Although I did not go to Art School, figurative painting has always been my passion. I usually portrayed horses using graphite on paper and I even carried out some individual exhibitions. I studied Communications and also became a Teacher, and worked in Education for many years while my children grew up. 

Only since last year, I made art my main occupation and began oil painting. I attended some workshops on Realism (with Alejandro Rosemberg among others), and am currently learning about composition in a local atelier. It is my desire to make painting my life project.

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