Emanuele Attadia

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Emanuele Attadia


Emanuele Attadia is an italian painter, based in Rossano, Calabria.
Born in 1986, he grows in a very dynamic artistic family: he approaches actively to music and draws since a young age, cultivating the interest during his studies. He attends the scientific High School and then he graduates in Environmental Engineering at the University of Calabria. For one year practice painting on ceramic over glaze, refining independently the technique. Subsequently, in September 2014, he starts to be continuously a self-taught painter.

“I think that art is a journey of observation, research, understanding and processing. It's a continuous growth, an evolution where nature is the greatest teacher”.

2016 - he was awarded with the Prime Minister’s Office Culture Prize, during the XI “Biennale di Arte Internazionale” of Rome.

2020 - he is finalist in the “Lohengrin” Painting Competition, organized by the MEAM of Barcelona, the “Club Wagner” and the “Fundacio de les Arts i els Artistes”.

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