Stacy Barter

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Stacy Barter

United States

Stacy Barter's Oil Paintings depict her intense fascination with light and atmosphere. She is constantly striving to capture depth and dimension in her oil paintings, along with accuracy and light. Working from life, whether it's outside painting a landscape, or in studio, painting fresh flowers or working with a model is her true passion. “There is an urgency and excitement when working from life and I love it.”


In her 25 years as a full-time professional artist, Stacy has won many top awards in some of the most important organizations and exhibitions in the country and is part of entertainment/celebrity and museum collections.


Stacy teaches oil painting workshops throughout the country as well as internationally and is on Senior Faculty at Crealde School of Art. Her own learning, growth and development are of utmost importance to her as well and she seeks out study with Master Painter’s she holds in high regard.

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