Anastasiya Chybireva Fender

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Anastasiya Chybireva Fender

United States

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Anasyasiya was born in Ukraine and immigrated with her parents to the US when she was fourteen. She started drawing and painting in her early childhood and received a figure-based atelier training growing up. Anastasiya’s meandering path in visual arts educational took her through the rigor of earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in architecture from The Cooper Union and University of Texas at Arlington, respectively. She has received additional training with established realist painters both privately and in workshops. The concoction of architectural rigor, purity of realism and strong personal narrative define Anastasiya’s work today. She has been awarded recognition by the National Portrait Society, Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Poets Artists, and many others. Anastasiya’s work has been published in Beautiful Bizarre, and many Goss183 issues. Anastasiya’s work is available at by 33 Contemporary gallery in Chicago. Her work is also found in private collections across United States as well as Germany, Russia and Ukraine. Currently, Anastasiya is teaching design and drawing studios at the University of Texas in Arlington, in addition to workshops, and private classes, while working fervently in her studio in Dallas.

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