Stephen Zhang

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Stephen Zhang

United States

Stephen Zhang is an award-winning artist, known for his unique approaches to watercolor. With large-scale and fluidity, his works are visually rich and emotionally profound. His art incorporates the artistic traditions of the East and West.

Born in China, Stephen graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Later, he received his MFA degree from University of North Texas. Stephen has been painting watercolor for over 30 years and has exhibited in the US, China and Japan. In addition, Stephen has been Vice President and Creative Director at such companies as Fossil. He is currently an assistant professor in Communication Design at University of North Texas. 

Stephen’s works have been awarded by Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition, Watermedia Showcase, Watercolor USA, Transparent Watercolor Society of American, Watercolor West, Art Olympia (Japan), Infinitie National Art Competition, and Chinese National Art Exhibition. He has been featured in publications such as American Art Collector, International Artist, Watercolor Artist, The Art of Watercolor, and Pratique Des Arts.

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