Arina Gordienko

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Arina Gordienko

United Kingdom

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Arina Gordienko is figurative realist artist, based in the UK. Her art education includes MFA in Painting at Chelsea College of Arts and BFA at Central Saint Martins College of Art (both University of the Arts London), also Distinction Certificate in Fine Arts at Art College in Russia.

She participated in exhibitions at Saatchi Gallery in London, MEAM - European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna, Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna in Pescara, OSTEN Museum of Drawing in Macedonia and other venues in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and India.

Arina is a multi-award winner and finalist of numerous national and international contests in the UK, USA and Europe, such as Saatchi Art of Giving National Competition, ModPortrait, ARC Salon, Arte Laguna Art Prize, Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition, IBPC an WMOCA, International Artist Magazine, Derwent Fine Art Award, Art Gemini Prize, Mortimore Art Prize, LICC – London International Creative Competition, The Artist’s Magazine, NOACC Public Choice Award etc. Her paintings twice went through the second round of the BP Portrait Award.

Her paintings published in various art books, catalogues and magazines, incl. ‘Strokes of Genius’ Edition 4 & 6, American Art Collector, International Artist Magazine, Leonardo Art Guide 2019, Art and Freedom Yearbook XIV, International Realism ARC Salon editions 14th, 13th & 12th, PoetsArtists various publications, etc.

She has a status of Associate Living Master of the Art Renewal Center in USA, also she is a selected member of Society of Women Artists in the UK and International Member of Portrait Society of America.

Arina dedicates herself to realistic traditions in painting, combining traditional classical techniques with imaginative compositions and contemporary palette. In her work she uses the old Masters classic 'sfumato' technique with her own contemporary essence. Her style can be described as imaginative realism where personages placed into artist’s imaginary world and circumstances. Her works involve emotionally and intellectually even though they appear minimalistic and reserved.

Most often she portrays her characters with a direct gaze that triggers a special eye contact, which is a form of nonverbal communication implying close relationship with a viewer. She invites her audience to experience the hidden emotions and deep inner feelings that she reveals in her personages and that evoke viewers’ emotional response. Her works may emerge dramatic or ironic yet they consistently enrolled with an intellectual riddle and philosophical content appealing to curious, sophisticated and peculiar minds. 

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