Nahuel Ferreira

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Nahuel Ferreira


Nahuel Ferreira was born in 1990 in Buenos Aires city. From the very beginning, He showed an inclination towards drawing and painting. These first steps were made at Miguel Conti’s atelier, one of his first teachers and influences at the age of nine.

With the pass of time, Nahuel continued his studies with different personalities from the artistic movement in Argentina, such as Juan Manuel Díaz Puerta, Ignacio Noé and Alejandro Rosemberg.

Strongly influenced by the drawing and classical painting, especially the Baroque. His oil paintings point out to figure, portrait and still life ,which have to be understood in his philosophy and stetic research of the human being in its contemporary atmosphere.

Nowadays, Nahuel’s atelier is full of life between his personal work, paintings by commission and dictation of classes in his own academy.

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