Elaine Kurie

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Elaine Kurie

United States

 Elaine Kurie

“It is my intention to create artwork that conveys an uplifting sense of expansiveness and positivity. My still life paintings reflect the calmness and clarity that I feel while painting them, and I choose subjects that hint of something larger and greater than us.”

Kurie’s minimalist compositions are metaphors for stability as they reflect balance, order andharmony while conveying a sense of quietude and simplicity. Her still life, interior, and portrait paintings are tied together by her use of grays with subtle undertones of color and by her expression of subtle variations of changing light. This evokes a feeling of atmosphere and contributes to the sense of timelessness in her paintings.

 She was awarded 1st Place in the Portrait Society of America’s 2016 Members Competition for her painting, Ask la Cour. A recipient of the Butler Institute of Art Award, she also received several Grumbacher Gold Medals, and exhibited in group shows at Dacia Gallery, New York, NY in 2020, 2019, and 2018. Her work was exhibited in the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Contemporary Realism Biennials, the Marshall Gallery in Arizona and Gallery 1261 in Denver through the International Guild of Realism. Kurie’s work is included in Manifest Gallery’s 2018 and 2017 International Painting Annuals and her work is in many private collections.


2020   Allied Artists of America 107th Annual Exhibition, Heather, 30x24”                                                         2020   Dacia Gallery, Women Artists Exhibition, New York, NY Heather, oil 30x24”                      2019   Gallery 70 South, Morristown, NJ Group Exhibition                                                                                    2019   Audubon Artists 77th Annual Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, NY AAPL  Award for: Resting                    

2019   Dacia Gallery, Anniversary Exhibition, New York, NY Resting                                                                 2019   International Artist Magazine, September issue, Finalist Resting                                                            2019   Art Renewal Center, 2 Finalists: Abbie, Michael                                                                                       2018   American Artists Professional League, New York, NY   Award, Turquoise   Vase & Lemon                    

2018   Dacia Gallery, Women Artists Exhibition, New York, NY                                                                              2018   Manifest Gallery INPA 8 International Painting Annual                        

2017  George Segal Gallery Art Connections, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ                                

2017  Southwest Art Magazine ‘Artist to Watch’ article November   2017                                                                2017  The Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition, Finalist Award                        2017  Artist’s Magazine   Artist of the Month Feature Article   April issue                                                        2016  The Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition   Ask la Cour 1st Place Award

2016  Art Renewal Center 12th International Salon  Ask la Cour, and Shell & Stone,  Finalists                                                        

2016  Manifest Gallery – INPA 7 International Painting Annual   (Printed Annual   Lavender Sprigs)                  

2016   International Guild of Realism 12th Annual Exhibition, Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, CO                      

2016   International Guild of Realism 11th Annual Exhibition, Gallery 1261 Denver, CO                                    

2016   Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist (all three paintings placed)                                        

2015   The Butler Institute of American Art Award from Allied Artists of America, Inc. ShellStone NY, NY            

2015   Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition 2nd Merit Award Lavender Sprigs                  

2014   The Fort Wayne Museum of Art 2014 Contemporary Realism Biennial Fort Wayne, IN                    

2012   The Fort Wayne Museum of Art 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial Fort Wayne, IN                    


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