Hebe Brooks

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Hebe Brooks

United States

Regardless of the level attained, the creative spirit of an artist can never stop learning. Artist Hebe Brooks is no exception to this rule. She seeks artistic knowledge at every opportunity and she challenges herself to go further in pursuit of inspiration and development of technique.

Today Hebe’s work has several signature elements. One of these is her use of reflections, whether they are gracing a gleaming silver teapot in a still-life painting or a crystal clear lake.  Another common element is her use of exuberant subjects such as fabric twisting throughout the canvas, intricate details showing Nature's beauty or alluring floral arrangements. Whether reflections, exuberant motifs or fabric, it is the passion for detail and perfection that sets her work apart. It is also this passion that has led to several awards and acceptances into esteemed juried exhibitions.

The dedication to art is palpable in Hebe’s paintings. Her work has received the admiration of art patrons and it is part of private and public collections. She seeks the creative spirit and artistic knowledge at every step in her daily life.

* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 15th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.