Kimberly Dow

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Kimberly Dow

United States

There has never been anything else I have ever wanted to do.  The brush, the canvas, the solitude, the ideas, the emotion, and of course the paint.  It is all so beautifully human, and it is no coincidence that my stories find voice in figures.

For a time, I was obsessed with honing my skills and creating images of beauty.  As I have lived I have learned that I have more to say and that art gives voice to things that can not always be said out loud.  Art calls out, suggests, pierces, and inspires.  The art within the art is to tell the story in a way that reaches into each unique person in their countlessly unique ways.

I have had art on magazine covers, shown in galleries and museums world-wide and sold to many collectors.

Above it all, however… always and forever is the paint.  Viscous, messy, brilliantly colorful, playful and teasing, stubborn, empowering paint.  Dancing with me at the tip of my brush, singing, swirling, and telling our stories throughout my life.  At the heart of it all is my love affair with paint.

-Kimberly Dow

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