Chelsie Murfee

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Chelsie Murfee

United States

Chelsie Murfee is an award-winning charcoal and graphite artist. Born with a creative spirit and a passion for the arts, Chelsie’s exploration of drawing began at an early age. She considers herself primarily a self-taught artist, as her formal education held little appreciation for realism and offered limited instruction of traditional skills. However, in recent years, Chelsie has had the privilege of studying under a few leading contemporary masters and is genuinely grateful for their mentorship and encouragement.

Chelsie’s work is a sincere effort to illustrate the story all around us. Her illustrations draw respectfully on timeless artistic foundations yet dare to build upon them with innovative processes and techniques. Through the painstaking layering of graphite and charcoal, each delicately blended, she strives to create drawings that capture the spirit of the moment without altering the narrative. Her work does not stage or pose models; instead, attempts to document life as it naturally unfolds.

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