Liliya Muglia

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Liliya Muglia


Liliya was born in the former Soviet Union where she studied classical art in an academic setting from the age of nine. During her years in L’viv, Ukraine Liliya obtained a master’s degree in pharmacy but after the Chernobyl explosion and subsequent collapse of the economy, she migrated to Canada where she requalified herself as a pharmacist at the University of Toronto. Liliya also continued her studies at the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) and graduated in 2013.

Today Liliya has left the field of pharmacy and is a full-time artist with her studio located at ARA in Toronto, Canada. As a classically trained artist, Liliya uses the realism of her work to support her imaginative disrupted vision of the world which comes from her personal life experience, and future expectations.

Liliya typically paints in oils and develops her themes based on a narrative much as a writer who writes a novel with main and supportive characters and frequent changes of composition and color schemes. She does preliminary studies in charcoal and conte with real models and creates the subjects from different perspectives. In these studies, she uses different scenery's, clothing, accessories, and attributes as part of a foundation for the final execution of her work.

The goal of Liliya’s work is to transform her subjects into a narrative and to capture the psychological mood and tension within each piece. By doing this she brings to life paintings which involve and engage the viewer through the beauty of interpretive realistically painted works. She produces art as a statement of her thoughts, fears, and desires and delivers the viewer her vision.

Liliya’s creative motifs, often illustrate the power and beauty of feminine interpretations. These interpretations can be found in the depictions of feminine forms weather they contain human subjects or not. In addition, each piece is painted with a tension in mind and this tension is felt by the viewer and although sometimes the characters may struggle, fail or perish, the strength of the feminine protagonist is always present.

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