Stephen Jesic

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Stephen Jesic


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Stephen Jesic has been an artist from his youth, and it has been now more than twenty years since he was able to devote his life full-time to painting. During that time he has exhibited extensively in his native Australia, and become celebrated not only for his extraordinary depictions of wildlife, but for his phenomenal technique in bringing animals to life. He has lectured and written about his innovations in using the medium of acrylics to render the finest detail, while at the same time suggesting an atmospheric setting for his subjects. Like the great naturalist-artists of the past, Jesic studies his models intensely. His paintings are as much individual portraits, as they are scientific representations of the species seen in their native habitats. Until now Jesic’s work has been little known outside of his native country – a result both of collector demand and his limited production. These extraordinary depictions of exotic birds – of parrots and macaws – represent the first significant group of Jesic’s paintings to be exhibited in the United States.

Stephen Jesic’s recent work has focused on African wildlife of all sizes – from meerkats to rhinos and elephants.  These are not snapshot views, but intricate, carefully composed portraits of animals in their native environments.  Based on both first-hand study of individuals and research into the habits, ranges, and behavior of the species, Jesic’s paintings portray not only how his subjects appear, but how they live.

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