Ouka Fukui

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Ouka Fukui




Mr. Fukui's work is produced with a strong commitment to the on-site principle (in fact, drawing a model in front of a canvas).

The process of carefully copying the raw women and motifs present in front of one's eyes, one-by-one, like spinning.

It seems as if the world actually spent time with the life and the scene and drawn up has created an essential "existence" beyond all physics.

The temperature and humidity of the atelier, the flowing time, the certain breathing of the model, the skin tone, the words and even the rubbing sound of the fabric are colored and shaped and appear on the canvas which is the boundary between the model and Mr. Fukui. .

The complicated matiere of the production style that sticks to "real image" will be said to be the best taste of Mr. Fukui's work.

If you can see the aura of Mr. Fukui's work backed by overwhelming technology directly, I think.


(I want you to put in a style that calls a model and is rare in Japan as well.)




1968 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture


1993 Graduated from Tama Art University Graphic Design Department


1995 Musashino Art University Graduate School of Oil Painting Department Completion Award for Excellence in Production The 71st HakujituExhibition's first exhibition  HakujituAward Winner (every year thereafter)


2003 NittenExhibition first exhibition (every year since the exhibition)


2006 38th Nitten Special Prize Winner


2010 42nd Nitten Special Award


2020 Received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the 96th HakujituExhibition


Many awards


Many solo exhibitions


<Current> HakujituClub members  Nitten members


※ Fukui Ouka is a Western painter who lives in Tokyo, Japan.

I have an atelier at home and I am a painter who calls and produces models.





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