Fakhraddin Mokhberi

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Fakhraddin Mokhberi

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Fakhrodin Mokhberi is nationally recognized as one of Iran’s finest realism contemporary painters today.

He was born October 5th 1965 in Iran. His earliest influence was when he was 5 years and
sketched. At the age of 19, he began his serious art training by attending Tehran university Art courses.Later he continued learning at Katouzian Art Institute, run by Morteza Katouzian. Katoozian is famed realism artist and greatest painter in Iran at the current time .
Under Katoozian’s tutelage, Mokhberi learned how to develop his talent in sketched along concentratingon colors and amplified his understanding from tone and light in generating forms.

Interviewed for an article, Mokhberi recalls, “realism artist should benefit from deep and precise knowledge of society in his or her art ”.
My ultimate aim is developing my skills to highest level possible ,never stop learning and will enjoy any opportunity in this journey.

Great draftsmanship is the root of master piece. Other major influences in Mokhberi work include Katouzian, Rembrandts, Leonardo da vinci and shishkin.
Some Mokhberi’s work reflects both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within one painting.His influences range from the Renaissance to the Masters of the Nineteenth Century in Contemporary Art.

As Mokhberi stated in a written article ,” I grew up in semi-rural surrounds which gave me an appreciation for nature” . As you can see in many of his art work he has inspired by beauty and mystery inlandscape.

Mokhberi has graduated master of Art from the British University of Derby.

He started live tutoring programs in national TV of Iran for three following years (2002-2004) for the first time .

From 2002 he has established his academy for tutoring painting in different styles like realism, surrealism and impressionism and every year under his supervision، talented students will be able to obtain Diploma and Associate degree from this university.

His work has been exhibited throughout the Europe and Asia, including the Iran’s contemporary Art Museum and war museum.

The artist has received numerous accolades, including finalist in of Art Renewal Center ‒ ARC competition in two following years 2011-2012 2012-2013.


  • Managing and teaching Grade 1 Academy of Art in Iran “MOKHBERI -MAHDIS Art Gallery” from 2002 up to now.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Art Level 7 from DEQUALS Ltd ‒UK.
  • Membership in club for UNESCO of Piraeus &Islands and International Action Art Italy ‒Rome.
  • Becoming an ARC finalist 2011-2012 among 2100 entries.
  • Becoming an ARC finalist 2012-2013 among 2000 entries. 
  • Chosen Art wok in Biannual Iran Painting Festival 1995.
  • Award from 5th International Action Art Fair Italy-Rome 2019.


  • Attending exhibition section in 2nd Biannual Iran Painting Festival 1993
  • Attending exhibition section in 3rd Fadjr International Iran Festival of Visual Arts 2011
  • Attending exhibition section in 4th Fadjr International Iran Festival of Visual Arts 2012
  • Attending 2nd Iran international Visual Art Exhibition in Master’s Section 2009
  • Attending 4th Iran international Visual Art Exhibition in Master’s Section
  • Participate in 5th International Action Art Fair Italy-Rome 2019
  • Solo exhibition in Cyprus 2020
  • Group exhibition in KARA Gallery ,Master Katouzian’s students 1990
  • Master Mokhberi and his students Artworks exhibition in Niavaran Gallery ‒Tehran ,Iran

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