Rukiye Garip

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Rukiye Garip



She was born in 1964 in Bartin city of Turkey. She completed her undergraduate degree in arts. After graduation she was interested in fashion design and worked as a stylist. And then worked on hand made decorations in her own ceramic studio. In 1989 she began working as an art teacher in high school. After serving 20 years she became retired. In 2014 she switched to watercolor while She was painting in various techniques like as oil, pastel and charcoal drawing.


“ My feelings, my life, things I have accumulated; transforming them to original, transparent, poetic stories with watercolor is my source of motivation that allowed me to wake up happily to every new day."


Since She attended the first International exhibition in 2014. She took part in around 60 jury-selected exhibitions in Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, USA, China, Greece, England, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Slovenia, France,

She has won Australian embassy award of 9th Gallipoli Art Prize Competition, Grand Prize of Challenge No 111 of International Artist Magazine, award of Slovenia Biennial Castra 2015 , Splash 22 Creative spark first prize, commended Award of 3rd Greece International Watercolor Exhibition,


Her work has been published in the L’Art de I’Aquerelle Magazine 7. issue, Pratique des Arts Magazine 33. issue, The Art of Watercolor Magazine 26. issue, Revista Acuarela Magazine 5.issue, The Art of Watercolor Magazine 32. issue, Book of Treasures from All about Art and Artist , Splash 20 Creative Compositions, International Artist Magazine 127. issue, American Art Collector Magazine 167. issue, International Artist Magazine 132. issue.


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