Mark Harrison

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Mark Harrison

United Kingdom

After 23 years as an illustrator and having painted over 480 book covers for most UK and USA publishers I decided to quit illustration in 2003 to concentrate on personal work for sale in UK galleries. Most of my work has focused on cityscapes and landscapes becoming more focused as time has gone on toward light, colour and atmosphere with a particular interest in skies

I have had my work featured in various art magazines including International Artist, American Art Collector and the UK art magazine Artists & Illustrators for which since 2012 I have written many painting demonstration articles.

I have had my work accepted for inclusion in the Art Renewal Center’s International Salons catalogue for the last four years and for the last five years in the Infected By Art annual both published in the USA. I am currently represented by Abend Gallery CO.

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