Alexander Chernitsky

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Alexander Chernitsky


Alexander Chernitsky was born in Belarus in Minsk city August 1, 1963. Since 12 years old he began to attend an art studio of Vasily Sumarev, known Belarusian artist and later the studio of artist Vladimir Tkachenko. 
   The creative career and formation as an artist took place for Alexander in the 80s of the last century in the former Soviet Union. Since Alexander refused to join the communist party for youth - the Komsomol during his student years - he was not allowed to study at the higher educational institutions of Soviet Union. Therefore, he has got art education from illegal visits to evening classes with friends of students at the Repin Institute of the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg, who, on friendship, took him to student audiences for painting and drawing lessons. Also self-education and visits to various creative studios and workshops in Belarus helped Alexander Chernitsky to make career as an artist. Today Alexander travels around the world, making the art exhebitions in Europe and America.
     Viewing the artwork of Alexander Chernitsky for me has a rich experience of cultural education, vibrant, harmonious color and acute observation of the human condition. As I experience his paintings I am transported into the thoughts and emotions of people I will probably never meet but feel a connection to because of the sensitivity with which Chernitsky arranges his compositions. Even his landscapes seem to exude a life force of their own. Passion, acute observations and perspective often are the defining ingredients in great artwork. These are all clearly evident in the painting of Alexander Chernitsky

Steve Reinmuth
– Steve Reinmuth is a sculptor from Eugene, Oregon, USA. He is an enthusiast, collector and promoter of the arts and founder of Reinmuth Bronze Studio, inc. 

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