Volodymyr Melnyk

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Volodymyr Melnyk


Volodymyr Melnyk

Email: airplanspit@gmail.com



Born on June, 20th, 1969 in Kamyanske, Ukraine.

Finished Dnipropetrovsk Art School and graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Art.

Member of Ukrainian Union of Artists since 1995.




1992 – International Biennale 'Pan-Ukraine 92' (Dnipro);

1992 – Personal exhibition, Graphics (Tallinn, Estonia);

1993 – Fantastical graphics Contest (Los-Angeles, USA);

1995 – International Biennale 'Pan-Ukraine 95' (Dnipro);

1995 – UN 50th anniversary Contest (Kyiv);

1997 – 1st Quadriennale, Graphics (Artist Central House, Moscow);

1997 – International Art Festival (Kyiv, Ukrainian House);

1997 – Art House (the Manezh, Moscow);

1998 – International Art Festival (Kyiv, Ukrainian House);

1998 – Contemporary Art Salon (Artist Central House, Moscow);

1998 – Félicien Rops 100th death anniversary Contest (Namur, Belgium).  One of the top 100 graphic artist of the world 1998.

1999 – International Art Festival (Kyiv, Ukrainian House);

1999 – Nexus-99. Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art / UIMA (Chicago, USA);

1999 – Masterclass in Holbaek High School of Art / Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk (Holbaek, Denmark);

2000 – 1st International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

2001 – Biennale of Painting (Ukrainian Union of Artists, Kyiv);

2001 – 2nd International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

2003 – 3rd International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

2005 –  75th anniversary of Dnipro Art School, Finalists' exhibition (Dnipro Art Museum, Ukraine);

2008 – 'Kyiv-Art'. Da Vinci Gallery (Kyiv, Ukrainian House);

2012 – 'Sacred Image of Taurida' Art album (Simferopol, Ukraine);

2013 – 'RC' Art Gallery (Ankara, Bilkent. Turkey);

2014 – 'Plein-air 2014', Ukrainian Painting Museum (Dnipro, Ukraine);

2015 – 'Art Ankara' (Ankara, Turkey);

2016 – 'Art Ankara' (Ankara, Turkey);

2017 – 'AYA art gallery' (Auction, Istanbul, Turkey);

2018 – 'Surrealism festival' (Museum of Ukrainian Painting, Dnipro);

2019 – 14th International ARC salon Competition' (Museum Category Awards: Animals Honorable mentions) (MEAM, Barcelona) (New York USA).


Artworks are in arts collections of:


  • Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;
  • Dnipro-city Art Museum;
  • Contemporary Art Museum, 'Mars' gallery, Moscow;
  • in private collections of Aval bank;


and also in private arts collections in 36 countries of the world.

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