Anil Surendran

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Anil Surendran

United Kingdom

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I am a realistic sculptor graduated from the 3 year sculpture program from Florence Academy of Art.

I also work as a part time doctor in United Kingdom.It gives me great insight into human emotions passions the physical form in its best and during illness ,the flesh and skin during health famine and excess.The radiant skin in pregnancy to ones death bed in malignancy.The facial expressions of emotions the subtleness in the facial muscles that emote our feelings,the contraposto with tension and relaxation. I try and capture this interaction of mind and body in my work.

I spend about 10 years attending workshops by few well known sculptors and attended few summer workshops in Florence learning the basics of sculpture before enrolling in the Florence Academy sculpture program in 2015

I tend to work from life and imaginative realism.

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