Debra Keirce

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Debra Keirce

United States

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If you love my paintings they love you back. I have painted realistic fine art since the 1980’s when I worked as a biochemical engineer. In 2010, I turned my passion for the visual arts into a full time career.

My work has earned me a long resume. I consider each of my awards, signature memberships, museum acquisitions, published features and interviews to be affirmations along my art journey. Explore my website to see the palm sized miniature artI create under magnification. Then browse the larger works, up to four feet tall.

I create each piece with intention. They invite the viewer to feel appreciated, comforted, engaged and at peace. While my subject matter varies, every painting has a job. It makes your heart smile. Can you feel the breeze? Do you hear the birds chirping? Can you relate to the mood on that face? Do you want to lean in and smell that flower or taste that grape? Good. Mission accomplished.

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