Josh Connell

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Josh Connell


Josh Connell (b.1980) is a self taught artist living and working in Ontario Canada. He primarily uses Charcoal and Graphite to draw images of human beings with photographic precision. Connell uses his art to explore the human existence, drawing candid images of human beings in their manufactured environment.

He recently completed a collection of five self-portrait drawings, in which he examined how growing up surrounded by societal norms influenced his thoughts and behaviours as an adult. Having worked with children for 20 years, Connell has observed that young children in the early stages of the human socialization process, along with their innocence, present the closest representation of the natural human condition. Individualism of thought and behaviour is strongly represented by the youngest of children and his self-portrait drawings explore how that decays as we age.


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