John Plishka

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

John Plishka

United States

I was born in Chicago Illinois, USA and have always had a passion for animals and art. I initially chose to pursue a scientific pathway and became a veterinarian but never lost my artistic drive as I established my career.

I paint predominantly in pastels. I feel they are one of the best media for portraying animal and environmental textures.

I am a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, a Juried Member of the American Academy of Equine Art and a member of the Chicago Pastel Painters.

Some artists find beauty in a sunset or a mountain, I find it in the living world around me. I often choose to paint animals that are not the most popular when it comes to animal art. Nonetheless  I find everything about them and the other animals in our world both intriguing and magnificent.

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