Mariah Kaminsky

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Mariah Kaminsky

United States

Born in 1974, Mariah Kaminsky grew up with a large Midwestern family in Northern Indiana. After graduating from Ball State University in 1997, she moved West with her future husband to pursue a career in Theatre Arts. She quickly realized that as exciting as the theatre life was, city life was not exactly what she had in mind for the future. After marrying in 2001, Mariah & her husband (Jason) packed up and moved to the small mountain town of Durango, CO. Inspired by the beauty of her new home, Mariah found herself drawn back to her roots as a fine artist and began painting.

Working primarily in oil on canvas, Mariah’s current subject matter focuses on portraits of children and the female form. Finding that these subjects naturally lend themselves to positivity, optimism and resilience; the themes that she finds the most urgency to highlight in today’s turbulent society. With each new work she pushes the boundary between classical and contemporary styles.

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