Felipe Salsano

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Felipe Salsano


Felipe Salsano was born in 1987 in Brasilia and brought up by a single parent who was totally blind. Having to be the eyes of his mother, he grew up constantly describing the world to her.  Ever since an early age he showed a strong interest for drawing and painting and this continuous activity of visual analysis enhanced his perception, influencing his style and resulting in works which are rich in detail and content.

When he turned nineteen he moved to Italy  to learn advanced techniques in drawing and painting in the prestigious “Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze” where he graduated with honors despite the difficulty of a new language and  having to work to keep himself. At the same time he took lessons with the Florentine master Andrea Ortuno, developing specific painting skills. Furthermore, during the fourteen years spent in the renaissance city, Felipe participated in numerous collective and single art exhibitions.

He has given lessons and held workshops in Italy, the USA and in Brazil. In his travels, he has observed and painted people from different cultures as well as diverse stunning landscapes. Through his works we can appreciate his experience and the sensations generated by the places he has visited. One of his most striking travel experience was to the West of the USA, following a workshop with Jim Wilcox, where he was left in awe over the Wyoming landscapes.

In 2019 Felipe took further degree at the Florence Classical Arts Academy  in portraiture and anatomy, whilst painting for prominent exhibitions to be held in Brazil as the Biennal in Brasilia and his next solo exhibition. 

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