Victor Gadino

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Victor Gadino

United States

Victor is an award winning artist who holds an MFA from Pratt Institute. His work has appeared in the promotion of the top clients of the corporate, publishing and entertainment worlds. Seagrams, Sony, American Express, General Foods, Harper Collins, Disney, NBC, Time Warner, Paramount, United Artists, MGM, Lucas Films, and Universal are a few of his clients.

Awards received include one from The Hollywood Reporter for creating porminent movie posters. He has created album covers, posters for Broadway, and collectables for Franklyn Mint and The Bradford Exchange. In the past he received one from ARC for his drawing " The Vigil".

Over the years his work has appeared in several art books and publications, and many group shows. He has several drawings and paintings in the permanent collection of the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York City. 

He also accepts portarit commissions and his portarits can be found in the collection of Mr George Lucas, Mr. Alan Alda, Mr & Mrs Andrew Tisch, and Mr & Mrs Henry Kravis.

To see all of his work visit his site

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