Dr Gindi

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Dr Gindi


Dr Gindi – Sculptor

Dr Gindi is a sculptor based in Switzerland working with clay, bronze and other materials. Modelling the infinity of our existence, her sculptures depict the potentiallity of human beinigs in a distinct moment of their lives.


My life:

Being of German-Egyptian heritage, I was educated as a medical doctor and got my doctoral degree in 1995 at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.

After having started a career as a physician, I moved to China. Being overwhelmed by the rich culture of this nation, my first phase of artistic energy unleashed and was crowned by exhibitions in Beijing, including one at the German Embassy in Beijing.

Turning back to Europe, I started a career as an entrepreneur in Switzerland.  In 2017 I followed again my inner urge to create and started a classical training as a sculptor at the Florence Academy of Art (2017-2020) in Italy.


My vision:    Modelling the infinity of our existence

I spent my entire life wandering around different cultures and alongside emotional abysses. I try to understand why certain phenomena appear as they are and why I interact with them the way I do.

Over the years, my experience in both science and life has taught me that our existence and options are infinite – if we allow them to be. Submitting to fate and having a sense of resignation can often be the norm, but if we can metamorphosize these attitudes, we shall be able to model the infinity of our existence.

My classical training as a sculptor enables me to approach humanness more profoundly. Through working with models and meticulously exploring the human morphology, inner dialogues are evoked and reflected in my work. My sculptures depict the potentiallity of human beings in a distinct moment of their lives. They are made from different materials. The most recent ones are generated of clay and later transformed into bronze.


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