Mustafa Orkun Müftüoglu

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Mustafa Orkun Müftüoglu


Mustafa Orkun Müftüoğlu


1973... born in Turkey.

1990-95 received BA at the Department of Painting

of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan

University, Turkey


Solo Exhibitions

2015 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Tophane-i

Amir-e CAC, İstanbul-Turkey

2013 İzmir Mask Museum, İzmir-Turkey

2010 Enka Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery,


2009 Akademililer Art Center, İstanbul-Turkey

2007 Kanat Beyazıt Art Gallery, İstanbul-Turkey



2005 Second Prize from the Gebze Belediyesi 1rd

Osman Hamdi Bey Competition of Painting

2000 Honorable Mention from the Türkiye

Jokey Kulübü 5th Competition of Painting

1997 First Prize from the Türkiye Jokey Kulübü

3rd Competition of Painting

1997 Award from the Tekel 9thTraditionary

Competition of Painting

1996 Honorable Mention from the Adana Çimento

Sanayii T.A.Ş. sixth Competition of Painting

1996 Award from the XIII. Esbank Yunus Emre

Competition of Painting

1995 Third Prize from the Adana Çimento

Sanayi T.A.S. Fifth Competition of Painting

1994 First Prize from the Ayşe and Ercument

Kalmık Vakfı Competition of Painting

1994 Award from the XI. Esbank Yunus Emre

Competition of Painting

1994 Second Prize from the Siemens Award of Art

1993 Honorable Mention from the Siemens

Award of Art.

1993 Special Prize of Juri from Ayşe ve Ercument

Kalmık Foundation Competition of Painting

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