Vlasta Smola

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Vlasta Smola

United States

Born in Ukraine, Vlasta Smola has made art the fabric of her life. After moving to the United States to receive her MA in Communication Arts, she had a brief corporate career in marketing and graphic design. Longing to rekindle her passion for art, she returned to her painting aspirations.

This reunion brought a new direction for her life’s work: To create inspired imaginative art. A frequent subject of Vlasta's narrative are birds and their real or mythological interaction with the human universe. She strives to depict the dualistic nature of reality and conscious / subconscious states of mind. She creates examples of modern mythology, and her paintings often explore a dream-conscious state designed to increase a depth of perception and develop a poetic world view.

Beauty is the main reason and purpose for Vlasta's art. Beauty is power. Beauty is mystery. It denies common sense. Vlasta spares no obstacle to both challenge and express the power and mystery of beauty.

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